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Tower of Wizardry

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 11n, 20w, sw


General Descrip: Good party area, lots of small eq items.

Difficulty: low to mid

Area Size:

Monsie Info:

Monsie: Young wizard
Exp: 54k
Eq: Yellow robe

Monsie: Wizard dressed in orange
Exp: 80k
Eq: Orange hat

Monsie: Aging wizard
Exp: 114k
Blue Belt

Monsie: A grey wizard
Exp: 282k
Eq: ugly pair of grey pants

Monsie: Motionless Golden Wizard
Exp: 518k

Monsie: Mad Wizard
Exp: 217k
Eq: Purple boots

Monsie: White Wizard
White gloves

Monsie: Golden Wizard
Eq: Golden robe

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