General Purpose TF Trigs


/trig *is DEAD, R.I.P.* = loot

Box trigs

/hilite *box* /trig *you take* = keep box

Exp to level trig

Contributed by: Modi (Brian R Carothers) E-mail: ;;; ;;; Based on a last kill trig from Opola's old zombie page ;;; USAGE: /new_level ;;; Where is the xp cost of your next level. /set next_level=300000 /def -i -ah -t"*DEAD, R.I.P*" ripped = exp /def -mregexp -p2 -t"Exp: ([0-9]*) Money" expcount = /set newexp=%P1 %;\ /set lastkill=$[%{newexp}-%{exp}] %;\ /if (%{lastkill}!=0) /echo Last kill was: $[%{lastkill}] exp%;/endif%;\ /set exp=$[%{newexp}] %; \ /level %; /def level = /echo -ah [Next level: $[%{exp} / %{next_level}]%%] /def new_level = /set next_level=$[%1/100]
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