TF Trigs for Tanks

Dryad's set:

/def -p1 -mglob -t'*our lesser invul*' lroff = p' LRAP is OFF%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*our greater invul*' groff = p' GRAP is OFF%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*Iron Will wears off*' iwoff = p' Iron Will is OFF%;
/trig *puts a protective aura on you* = p' IW is up%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*our protection spell*' sopoff = p' SOP is OFF%;
/trig *ou are surrounded by a green glow* = p' SOP is ON%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*our barkskin wears*' bskinoff = p' Barkskin is OFF%;
/trig *ou grow a layer of bark* = p' Barkskin is ON%;
/trig *ryad's figure blurs* = p' Blur is ON%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*The energy surrounding your body*' ehoff = p' Energy Hauberk is OFF%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*our displacement wears*' disoff = p' Displacement is OFF%;
/trig *displaces your image* = p' Displacement is ON%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ou no longer feel harmonious*' chaaroff = p' Harmony Armor is OFF%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ou feel feeble*' unoff = p' Unpain is OFF!%;
/trig *ou feel sturdy* =p' Unpain is ON! (Thanks)%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ryad wobbles around*' srup = p' SR is UP! (Thanks)%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*our stun resistance wears*' sroff = p' SR OFF!%;
/trig *ryad wobbles around* = p' SR is UP! (Thanks)%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*light spell wears off*' lightoff = p' LIGHT is OFF!%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'You let out*' brcy = use strike%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ou fail to frighten*' bcrythree = use strike%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*you unleash a brutal scream*' bcrytwo = use strike%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ou almost scare yourself*' bcryfour = use strike%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*focus all your strength*' strike = use strike%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*as you strike*' striketwo = use strike%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ear off with a*' strikethree = use strike%;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*try to strike*' strikefour = use strike%;
/trig *you smash your blade* = use strike %;
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ou get STUNNED*' stunned = p' I am STUNNED.%;
/trig *But your boosted concentration* = p' Lucky I have IW
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*ou STUN*' stun = p' Woohoo! Stunned the bastaad.%;

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