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Update History

October 1996 Started web site. Made frames and lynx compatible (both) from the start. Began with about 10 areas, got the eq info directly fro Yaga's old list (with updates) and the weapons info from various sources. Added midi files to some the pages. November 1996 Added counter. Added another set of pages for the areas. Added maps to a few areas. Spiffed up the frames, added guild and race info links. Began adding trig sets. December 1996 More areas, many new eq and weapons items. Maps, maps, maps. Began this update page and realized I couldn't remember exactly what I did when on the site. Big surprise. :) December 14, 1996 Changed all backgrounds to gray marble. Put in a few graphics. Added Fishbert's Angnor area, tried to map it (suck suck suck). Still mapping, will be making a gif of it sometime. December 15, 1996 Created and linked this update page. Added some cross-references between area pages (where the monsies are listed) and eq page (where their items are listed). December 17, 1996 Web site received its 10,000 visitor. Began the For Sale section. Added and updated some of the eq items. Added map for Valley of Mystery. December 28, 1996 Miscellaneous updates. Started RL fem list (on general page). Mapped out the Purple Saurus area and Varalor. January, 1997 Added several areas (Village of Hor, Sirros, Bayou, Bog Imps). Began similar set of pages for Bat Mud. Put in some new graphics, updated and added eq info. Site counter hit 14k. February, 1997 Site hit 20,000 visitors. Mapped and added Rivendell, with much help from Newnemesis. Put up more guild info, thanks to Hastur (he did a hell of a job on gathering the info). Began guild ramblings.
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