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Dryad's Zombie Pages

These pages are a guide to many of the areas in Zombie Mud, a LP mud based out of Finland. For more information about the mud, visit the Official ZombieMud Home Page at http://zombie.ml.org. You may play the game (always free of charge) by telneting to "zombiemud.megabaud.fi 3000".

UPDATE! I'm back at work on the site and welcome any help you can give with the updates. Send me updates and additions. I have not played in 2 years, so I'll need a lot of help bringing the site up-to-date.

About This Site

Anyone is welcome to contribute to this site. Since many people are sharing information here, not all of the information will be accurate. If you spot errors you can correct or blanks that you can fill in, tell me.

Area Ratings:

Difficulty ratings for the areas are based on the Scale of Newbiedom. In order of increasing Zombie Mud experience:

Use caution if you're exploring in an area that's rated at a higher level than you're currently at, especially if solo.

Thank You

Many thanks to all who have helped me put together this site. In particular, thanks to Codog, who's spent many long hours tagging along with me, mapping areas and id'ing monsters. Thanks also to Boy, Chack, Drymon, Garmail, Katey, Kreydon, Kx, Newnemesis, Opola, and Sigwald.

Thanks to the wizzes of ZombieMUD, who have done a wonderful job in putting together a rocking mud!

If you like this web site, please let me know. Comments and suggestions always appreciated! -- Dryad