Saltwater Fishing

This picture was taken in the Lower Rio Grande Valley after a day of saltwater fishing. As you can see it was a good day. The fish I am holding is a 26.5 inch Red Drum.
This picture was taken the same day. The Red on the far left was 27.25 inches and was caught by the man on the left (Brad Cowan), I caught the Black Drum just to the right of the two Reds. The four fish on the right are Speckled Trout. The man on t he right (Bruce Lesikar) caught three of them, the longest was just over 21 inches.

Fly Fishing

I also love to go fly fishing in the mountains of Colorado, Montana and New Mexico. This picture was taken after a morning of fishing at The Bitter Creek Guest Ranch near Red River, NM. The big one on the right was a 17.5 inch Cutbow.


Another one of my hobbies is hunting. I enjoy hunting deer, hogs, and any kind of game bird.

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Last updated on: November 17, 1997