International Harvester Scout

Here are some pictures of my Scouts. This one is a 1979 Midas SSII (Super Scout II). A very rare Scout. It is one of the few Midas SSII's that is currently known in existence. My plans for it are to restore it to 100% original and keep it as a show truck.

What is a Midas Super Scout? A Midas Super Scout is special edition of the Super Scout (SSII) that was only produced in 1979. Midas Custom Vans customized a regular SSII into what you see pictured. Midas added custom paint, custom seats, custom center console, roll bar padding, snap in carpet, and a push bar. Midas and IH didn't keep very good records, so an exact number of Midas SSII's produced is not know. However, it is believed that only about 25 were produced.

The specifics of it include: 345 V8 with Carter Thermo-quad 4 bbl carb, Auto Transmission, Dana 20 Transfer Case, 3.07:1 gears in Dana 44's, IH Automatic hubs, International Locking rear diff, After market AC (not original equipment), Warn winch bumper(not original equipment), and 31 x 10.50 tires.

Restoration Update: The engine, transmission and transfer case has been refinished and now rest on the refinished frame and axles.

Restoration Images

This is my tow rig now. In this picture, I'm towing a friends 79 Scout II Rallye.

The specifics of it include: 392 V8 with Carter Thermo-Quad 4 bbl carb, T-19 Close Ratio 4 Speed Transmission, 3.73:1 gears in Dana 44's with Trac-Lok in Rear, Dana 300 Transfer Case, Stan's Headers with FloMaster Exhaust, Warn winch bumper, Custom Rear bumper, Superwinch 1/4 turn manual hubs, 130 watt off-road lights, factory AC, after market cruise control, after market 33 gallon fuel tank, Warn full floater rear axle conversion for the Dana 44, 8,000 lb winch.

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